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Coal Mountain Animal Hospital in Cumming is the leading full-service animal hospital in the area. We have multiple certified veterinarians on staff as well as several experienced veterinary technicians. We can provide routine veterinary services, surgical services, and even emergency care for your pet. We can also provide diagnostic services using our own on-site laboratory. Read on to learn more about our diagnostic services and procedures.


Collecting Samples

Our staff is experienced in collecting all types of samples from our furry patients. We know how to keep your pet calm in this situation. Our experience also helps us keep the procedures as painless as possible when we need to draw blood or take a stool sample.


Once we've collected the samples we need, we can get the testing completed as quickly as possible because we have lab facilities on-site. Few veterinary practices have such facilities. If you go elsewhere to have your pet tested, you may have to wait several days longer for them to actually perform the tests. 


We will complete the appropriate tests and get back to you as quickly as possible. When we notify you of your pet's test results, we will also let you know what the next steps are. If your pet needs to come in for additional testing or treatment, we can help you make this appointment so that your pet gets the care they need as soon as possible.

Make an Appointment with A Top Veterinarian in Cumming, GA

Coal Mountain Animal Hospital in Cumming is here for all of your veterinary needs. We can take care of everything from surgery to emergency care to routine testing. We have a great deal of experience with diagnostic care, so we can perform the whole process as quickly and painlessly as possible. If you have any questions about our diagnostic services or any of our other services, you can reach out by giving us a call during our business hours or by contacting us through our website. if you're ready to have your pet tested, we can also help you make an appointment at a time that is convenient for your schedule. Contact us today at 770-888-6757 for an appointment.

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