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Dental Care for Pets

At Coal Mountain Animal Hospital in Cumming GA, we know that you love your pet and just want to see them live as happy and healthy a life as possible. Trust us; we want that too! But how close attention do you pay to their dental health? 

If you're like many pet owners, the answer to that is, well, a bit complicated. After all, it's not like you're consciously feeding them a bevy of unhealthy treats, but you probably aren't examining their teeth and gums every day either. The truth is that dogs and cats are particularly susceptible to a wide variety of dental issues, and as their caretakers, it's up to us to do what we can to both prevent and treat these problems. Feel free to contact our veterinarian clinic at any time with questions about pet dental care. In the meantime, here's what you need to know. 


Why You Should Be Paying Attention to Your Pet's Dental Health

You probably know from your own visits to the dentist that taking care of your teeth and gums is important. Sadly, the American Veterinary Dental Association reports that more than 85 percent of all household dogs and cats have at least some degree of dental disease by the time they are three years old. While it's true that many early pet dental issues are nothing serious, they tend to only worsen over time into more serious problems. 

Just as with humans, a lack of regular teeth brushing and dental cleaning can lead to a buildup of plaque and tartar. If left untreated, this plaque and tartar can wear away at the enamel and cause cavities to form. It can also cause gum disease. In time, these conditions can worsen and result in tooth loss, gum recession, severe periodontal disease, and infections. They can even be life-threatening, as untreated oral infections can travel throughout the body and cause damage to internal organs. 

The good news is that you can take action by feeding your pet a healthy, well-balanced diet and avoid sticky treats. You can also clean their teeth yourself with a small, soft toothbrush and special dog or cat toothpaste (NEVER use human toothpaste). And of course, make sure they see a veterinarian regularly to check for dental issues. 

Pet Dental Care Warning Signs 

Sometimes that infamous "bad dog breath" is a warning sign of some serious tooth and gum problems. But that's not all. If you notice any of the following, it's time to make an appointment with the veterinarian:

  • Off-color teeth
  • Plaque / tartar buildup
  • Gum changes (recession, inflammation, etc.)
  • Oral bleeding
  • Swelling
  • Scratching at their mouth
  • Changes in eating habits (no longer eating hard or crunchy foods / not eating at all)

Bring Your Pet in For a Dental Consultation Today!

Have more questions about your furry friend's dental care? Bring them in for a checkup and consultation! At Coal Mountain Animal Hospital in Cumming GA, we provide a wide range of services for your pet in an effort to help them live the longest, healthiest, happiest life possible. Dental care is a major part of your pet's health care, so give us a call at 770-888-6757 today to set up an appointment. 

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