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When our doctors have an interesting case, they sometimes write it up in a clinical format for our website members. See if you can "diagnose" the case along with the doctors!


Miki, a 10 week old Shih Tzu, was purchased from a pet store, and two days later she was presented at Coal Mountain Animal Hospital for vomiting and diarrhea. Miki had started vomiting the night before and was unable to keep any food or water down by the next morning. She had two bouts of diarrhea, and the owners had noticed worm segments in the stool.

Work Up

Physical Exam:

Weight 1.8 lbs Temperature 100 F
10% dehydrated
Mucus membranes pale/tacky
Diarrhea staining on tail and caudal thighs
The rest of the exam findings were within normal limits.

Comprehensive Bloodwork:

Moderate anemia
Hypoalbuminemia (low blood protein)
Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)

Fecal Analysis:

Tapeworm eggs seen on flotation
Parvo CITE test: positive


Parvo virus infection.


Miki was started on IV fluids to correct her dehydration and raise her blood sugar levels. IV antibiotics and anti-emetics were begun to decrease vomiting and diarrhea and to prevent sepsis. Miki responded well to treatment over a period of four days and was slowly transitioned back to oral food and medications. She was dewormed and started on a flea preventative to prevent reinfection with tapeworms.


Miki is doing well at home and has finished her puppy vaccination schedule. She now weighs 4.6 lbs and is a happy healthy puppy. Parvo virus infection has a high mortality rate but can be prevented with proper vaccination.

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