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The Importance of Professional Pet

Grooming and Boarding

Pets hold a special place in our hearts and making sure that they are cared for both while we are at home and while we are away is essential. When it comes to pet boarding and grooming, those in the Cumming, GA, area can rely on Coal Mountain Animal Hospital for all their needs.


What is Pet Grooming?

When we hear the word grooming, most people think of having your pets’ hair cut. While this may be a part of the grooming process, it does entail much more. Most grooming services do offer things like nail trimming, hair cutting, shampooing, and even tooth brushing. Groomers perform a range of services that help to keep our pets not only looking their best, but also feeling their best. A good grooming can make a pet feel brand new and can help your pet to be able to move about more freely, to feel better, and can even help them be in less pain in cases where hair is matted or nails are too long.

What is Pet Boarding?

Another term frequently associated with pets is boarding. Boarding is a process by which a pet is taken to a special facility that has the capacity, the ability, and the staff to care for him for a prolonged period of time. Boarding is a great way to make sure your pet is going to be cared for and that they are going to be safe and sound when you do come home from your trip. Boarding is especially helpful for pets that have health or medical issues or pets that simply do not like to be left in the home alone. Boarding is a great alternative to taking your pet to someone else’s house or even having someone come into your own house to care for your pet.

Why Choose Professional Boarding and Grooming?

Professional boarding and grooming can give you the peace of mind to know that your pet is in the best hands possible. Professional services are licensed and bonded and you can also be certain that with a professional boarding facility, there is likely a veterinarian on staff.  Professional boarding also helps to ensure that your pet is going to get enough attention, that he will receive veterinarian care if needed, and that he is going to be safe no matter what.

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At Coal Mountain Animal Hospital, we pride ourselves on our superior grooming and boarding services. Contact us to learn more about the extensive services we offer and to set up an appointment. We care about your pet and want to help meet your boarding and grooming needs.

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